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How long does a bathroom renovation take?

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

The saying about Rome not being built in a day, rings true when it comes to bathroom renovations. The technicians you employ to handle the project can’t exactly rush the work that goes into it because, behind their walls, bathrooms are a mix of rushing water in pipes and electricity running through wiring. It won’t happen overnight, but it shouldn’t take months on end either. Regardless of how much time it’ll take, the handiwork of a professional technician will require that you be patient with them so that they can renovate your bathroom into something beautiful but also something durable. This is Tassie Trade Services’ advice about how much time you should factor in for your bathroom renovation because you may have to make alternative plans…

Bathroom renovations require that residential and commercial property owners in Tasmania acquire permits from local authorities as per Australian regulation. This process is usually what delays the actual completion time because it could take months. However, as far as the actual handiwork is concerned when it comes to the renovation of your bathroom, it should take just under a month or two months max. This time frame for a bathroom renovation is from the moment you meet with a company or technician to conceptualise your design plans to the actual day that you can use the newly renovated facilities. The water proofing of your bathroom on its own can take about three days because you must let coats of product dry in between applications.

Construction phases and the time it’ll take

  1. Demolition and disassembly of walls, tiles, and fixtures (1 day)

    This begins after you’ve picked all your desired design materials (like the tiles and taps) and you’ve signed off on all the paperwork

  2. Plumbing and Electrical work (1- 3 days)

    We’ll strip your bathroom and reroute any plumbing or electrical work

  3. Re-installation of new materials – Floor Tiles (1 – 3 days)

    Tiles will be laid down and plumbing fixtures installed

  4. Installation completion (Up to 3 days)

    Now that the foundation and floor is sorted, we’ll start adding all the pieces you’ve picked. This includes shelves, accessories, and lighting.

  5. Clean up (1 day)

    The most self-explanatory phase but you’re welcome to hire professional cleaners for this part

  6. Thorough quality and operation checks (1 day)

    Our technicians will test everything and make sure everything is working as it should

Attention owners of residential and commercial properties in Tasmania!!

Tassie Trade Services is the bathroom renovations expert in the area, and we have been for three decades now. Our business stands out from the rest because we’re also experts in sustainable resource installation and eco-friendly plumbing practises. We can do our plumbing and a whole range of other services, but we have the added benefit of helping you navigate solutions that are less detrimental to the environment. Our service is unbeatable, our team of technicians is unmatched, and our customers are always overjoyed. To get in touch with us, call us on 0447 310 044 or send us an email at tassietradeservices@gmail.com.

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